Monday, November 15, 2010


No security check! (They don’t even pretend to look in your bags. You just walk on! No stress! So easy!)

You can bring your own food! Your own drink! Your own bottle of wine!

Big seats with foot rests!

No seat belts!

Walk freely!

Cell phones permitted!

Views! Views! Views!*

Dining car! Snack car! Beer! Wine! Mixed drinks!

Faster than a car! 7.5 hours to Chicago!


Lounge car!

Power outlets for every seat!


Better for the environment than cars OR planes! By A LOT!

*I didn't actually see a buffalo hunt** from the train, but I bet someone did once see a buffalo hunt from a train. 

**I DID see this excellent buffalo hunt diorama at the chicago field museum, which the train made possible.


Maureen said...

but the COST! Isn't a train like twice as much as flying to chicago?! I better look into it. Because it does sound lovely.

Maureen said...

No security check though....that's somethin. And bison. wow. ;)

michaela said...

Not so expensive. My ticket was $120 round trip to chicago. Worth it if you ask me...