Saturday, October 25, 2008

merchant of ghana

best thing being hawked in the road yesterday:
  • brand new shiny copies of both the Oxford English Dictionary and the Complete Works of Shakespeare
i'm guessing they must be required books for highschoolers here.

but the scenario i'd much rather imagine is a taxi driver saying to himself as he is stuck in grinding hot traffic in his unairconditioned car breathing diesel fumes - you know what i just haven't read enough of lately? macbeth. well, macbeth and hamlet - oh, and the merchant of venice - i can never get enough of that merchant of venice. always takes the edge right off a long day stuck in traffic...

what everyone less literary was selling:

  • bananas
  • chocolate bars
  • neck ties
  • toilet paper
  • flags of the world
  • cell phone minutes
  • fried dough balls
  • combs


Leigh Anne Nottingham said...

oh you're a genious at this blogging business

Anonymous said...

Fried dough balls = mandazi? I love that stuff, have you had it?

michaela said...

i haven't had it yet...maybe soon!